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About Us

Who We Are

The Soccer Republic is a brand that looks to represent the best soccer bars in the United States and help connect those bars to their target fans. With almost 13,000 sports bars in the US and soccer more accessible than ever, more and more bars are calling themselves ‘Soccer Bars’. As a result, its now become harder and harder for the bars that make the extra effort, open early, prioritize soccer and create a great atmosphere for their patrons to reach the fanbase they want, and vice versa for the fans!

We’re here to help. The Soccer Republic will be a brand that is dedicated solely to the sport of soccer, the fans and the bars that bring them together. With daily updated schedules, tv listings, social media outreach and expert web presence we are constantly working to ensure that anywhere you see our name you know you have found a bar that meets the highest of standards that a true soccer bar should.

Who We’ve Worked With

The Soccer Republic will look to use it’s vast experience and network to drive the brand forward. Having already worked multiple times with the likes of MLS, NBC, Copa 90 and more, we can link these outlets to the country’s best soccer bars when the times come.

We have also collaborated on many projects with soccer media and marketing companies and with many professional teams for player appearances, trophy presentations, tv spots, promo videos, supporter trips and so on.

The Soccer Republic will bring these opportunities to its bars and their supporters, and we will help assist with any other opportunities that come the bar’s way.


The Soccer Republic is founded by Robert Kennerney who previously played soccer in college and for the Ottawa Fury of the USL. Graduating from Mercyhurst University in 2009 Robert moved to NYC where, after working for Nike Soccer for the 2010 World Cup, he was instrumental in the success of building The Football Factory, one of the best known soccer bars in the USA. During his time there he won awards with facebook, 2x MLS Bar of the Year and ‘Best Soccer Bar in America’ with Sirius XM FC over his 5 years there.

What We’ve Done So Far

What you see in the pictures is just a handful of the 100’s of posts, events, videos, responses, media collaborations and trips we’ve managed over the past 3-4 months.

This includes 2 of our locations winning the ‘Best Soccer Bar in NYC’ Award from The Daily Mail and Heineken, out of a total of 4 winners, each resulting in visits to the bars from soccer legend Andrea Pirlo.

We also worked with local MLS assets to secure several player appearances for various Club and International watch parties.

We are constantly working in collaboration with our bar’s supporters clubs such as Arsenal NYC, Borussia Dortmund NYC and Chelsea NJ to ensure their numbers grow and feed into the bar. We understand how the game works and what is most important.

We want to work with the bars who have demonstrated the same capabilities and build the best network of bars and best brand of Soccer Bar in the Country. Every current and potential customer is important to us, and we’ll do all we can to ensure they find the best bar.

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