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Mulligan’s became part of The Soccer Republic community in September of 2017. Our first location in New Jersey, Mulligan’s is located in the heart of the vibrant area of Hoboken. Mulligan’s is truly one of the great soccer bars in the country and has been established as ‘New Jersey’s Premier Soccer Bar’ for many years. Owned by a Chelsea fan from Dublin, Mulligan’s plays host to a great number of groups of fans including West Ham, Spurs, Liverpool and of course Chelsea. The walls are covered in memorabilia and there’s even a carving of the World Cup Trophy in front. Private space is available for parties and new supporters clubs are always welcome. Broken into two sides it provides the perfect set up for any big game clashes, so Mulligan’s can always cater to the fans. Most importantly, Mulligan’s is committed to showing as much of the beautiful game as possible, yes even that early morning game, earning its ‘Soccer Republic’ status and putting ‘Soccer Above All’. Check out more about Mulligan’s below.

Mulligan’s Pub

151 First St,
Hoboken, NJ 10019
T: 201.876.4101

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